Save the Vig
Welcome to SavetheVig.com, a completely free site dedicated to all things college football. Thanks to the good folks at CollegeFootballData.com I have finally found a sustainable data source to feed all the hamsters that run this thing. The purpose of this site is informational for those who like to lay a few duckets down on a game, but want some good information first. I certainly make no claims that this site will help you win big (or at all), but hopefully it gives you the information to build your confidence, at least until the ball is kicked. I pull in the latest information from multiple resources for my own enjoyment as it saves me time hoping from site to site, hopefully it works out for you. If you have any other good sources I should add, please let me know. I've added Bill Connelly's S&P rating system which I use for projections, increasing the people you can curse if things go south.