Save the Vig - About Us
New to the scene of NCAA Footall Analytics and based out of the college football wasteland known as the North East, I strive to provide unbiased statistical analysis of the sport I love. With 133 teams playing uneven schedules through 11(ish... realignment sucks) conferences, it can be difficult for the average fan to make sense of all of the data that is currently available for College Football teams. I am a huge fan of College Football, and while I certainly have my allegiance to programs (#GoIrish) from a fan standpoint, I love the sport as a whole and my passion is analyzing and breaking down data from week to week. In my professional life I am an IT Director in Higher Education and have a passion for web design and web programming. I hope you enjoy the site and the data I'm currently able to offer. If you have any questions or comments, I welcome feedback at savethevig@gmail.com.

What this site is NOT: This is not a 'tout' site. I try to provide statistical information and predictions based on analytics. I do not sell picks, nor do I recommend anyone use this site as a sole resource for gambling purposes. Furthermore, I would be remiss if I did not mention that buying 'picks' from anyone or any site is a very bad idea. Pick selling or 'touts' are a shady business at best and most of the time they are simply complete scams. If you learn nothing else from my site, please remember that you'd save money by avoiding buying picks from others and simply throwing darts at team logos on your wall. It's simple math, you're already laying 10% just to make a bet, why would you add a hundred dollars (and sometimes much, much more) to make a pick for you? Honestly it's one of the reasons I started this site, to produce true data showing you can only gain 'X' amount of advantage by sorting out all the variable data that goes into making a pick. Me personally, I say find an edge you believe in, toss down a few duckets for entertainment value and enjoy the games. And to those of you who may question why, I'll say up front that betting Tuesday night #MACtion is a life choice that I fully stand by and support.

I'm looking to expand the data I am able to access. Currently I'm using some web scraping along with a fantastic resource available at https://collegefootballdata.com/. Follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/cfb_data and check out their API at https://api.collegefootballdata.com/api/docs/?url=/api-docs.json. My next goal is to raise money to allow me to subscribe to http://www.sportsdatallc.com/ api feeds to be able to provide real time scores, line changes and other time sensitive information. If you enjoy the site and want to help out, click the donate button below to help buy me a beer. Thanks.