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Teams Still in Contention for 2022 Playoff in Week 16

While there is much debate over the College Football Playoff Committee selection process, we know that no matter their criteria, the 65 teams from the Power Five conferences (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, Pac 12) plus Notre Dame are still alive as long as they only have 0 or 1 losses on their resume. The rest of teams of the 66 FBS teams, the Group of Five teams, would almost assuredly have to be undefeated to have any chance to enter the playoff conversation, but we're including those with one loss as they're still alive for a NY6 bowl game. Finally, there does exist the possibility that a Power Five team could get in as a 2 loss conference winner, so we're listing them as well. Teams that currently fit these criteria through week 16 are as follows.

Power Five Teams

#1 Georgia Bulldogs  (15-0)
#2 Michigan Wolverines  (13-1)
G5 Playoff Contenders

At this time there are still 2 Power Five teams realistically alive for the CFB Playoffs.
There are currently 0 Group of Five longshots, with another still alive for a NY6 Bowl Game.

6 Power Five teams in the last column still could technically play their way in so we can't quite rule them out yet.
As of week 16, 123 teams have already been eliminated, 57 Power five teams and 66 Group of five teams.

Power 5 Teams contenders by Conference -   ACC: 0   Big Ten: 1   Big 12: 0   Pac 12: 0   SEC: 1   
Group of 5 contenders by Conference -   AAC: 0   MWC: 0   Conf USA: 0   MAC: 0   Sun Belt: 0   Independents: 0
Power 5 Longshots by Conference -   ACC: 0   Big Ten: 2   Big 12: 1   Pac 12: 1   SEC: 2